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If your muscles groan to relax

If in the morning you know exactly what you will feel like in the evening after a day on your bike, you can prepare yourself. Treat yourself to a relaxation massage. We ask for your understanding that this service has to be booked in advance and paid for at the same time, if you'd prefer to use the bath rather than the massage bed.

The following applies to the massage below:
Please place a binding order with your room booking.

Frank Söntgerath physiotherapy practice

Jahnstr. 1
65391 Lorch
Tel: +49 (0) 6726 8399200
(after appointment - also possible at the hotel)

Loosening massage, hot-stone massage, foot reflex massage, Ayuverda massage

Berg’s time-out

Niederwaldstrasse 23
Tel: +49 (0) 6722 - 49990


Japanes finger pressure is a Japanese form of energetic body work deeply rooted in traditional Chinese medicine.
A SHIATSU session includes:
a preliminary discussion, a Shiatsu massage, a rest period and concluding discussion

Duration 60 min: € 55.00
Duration 90 min: € 75.00

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