Praxis für Physiotherapie
Udo Kowoll
Wisperstraße 37d
Tel: + 49 (0) 6726 83 98 066

Enjoy a relaxing massage:

Small “Rheinsteig – Massage” (legs and part of back)
duration 25 min € 20,--

Great “Rheinsteig-Massage” (legs, feet and complete back)
duration 50 min € 40,--

Shoulder and neck massage
duration 20 min € 18,--

duration 25 min € 20,--

Reservation in advance, execution in practice (next to Hotel)

Physiotherapy practice
Frank Söntgerath
Jahnstr. 1
65391 Lorch
Tel: +49 (0) 6726 8399200

After appointment (also possible at the hotel)
Loosening massage, hot stone massage, foot reflex zone massage, Ayuverda massage,

SHIATSU massage, Jap. finger pressure is a Japanese form of energetic body work deeply rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. A SHIATSU session includes: a preliminary discussion, a Shiatsu massage, a rest interval and concluding discussion.
Duration 60 min € 55.00
Duration 90 min € 75.00
After advance booking, the session will take place at the hotel.

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