Qigong in the school garden


Qigong in the school garden

Qigong is a way of exercising your body through breathing and energy flow or managing areas like spine and joints and organs for relaxation and vitalisation. It trains your intuition and finds ways to reflect and change your bodily, emotional and mental actions. You sensibilise yourself to focus your attention on inner calm and find a new rhythm of strain and relaxation and thus harmonise all levels of your being.

If the mind manages to preserve this inner attitude when suffering stress or pain or when feeling uncharitable, it becomes calmer and more composed. It stops struggling against bad feelings and can open new perspectives. Information: www.lebens-wandel.org
Try it out. We would be happy to book a session for you if you notify us in advance:

Private lessons
60 min € 45.00

Group (6 - 10 people)
60 min / 90 min
€ 10.00 / 13.00

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