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Wisper school in Lorch in the Rheingau

Psst! You're staying in a building with a history

The old Wisper school is in the past. The Hotel Im Schulhaus begins a new "school history" chapter in Lorch. Our (school) days are completely without stress, class register entries or warning letters about repeating a year. But because we are a building with a history, we like to keep the memory of the old times alive. We have rescued the big school clock and brought it up to date. But not to worry, the shrill school bell has been put out of action.

Ceremonial dedication of the Wisper school in 1933

Ceremonial dedication of the Wisper school in 1933

Goodie cornets and bright eyes on the first day at school in 1961

Goodie cornets and bright eyes on the first day at school in 1961

Swearing in of soldiers in the schoolyard of the Wisper school - 1962

Swearing in of soldiers in the schoolyard of the Wisper school - 1962

The principal, Wahler, looks out over the schoolyard from the balcony of the principal's office  - 1933

The principal, Wahler, looks out over the schoolyard from the balcony of the principal's office - 1933

The Wisper school during the school year ca. 2009

The Wisper school during the school year ca. 2009

All the rage - Bauhaus

The school building is a cultural monument from 1933 and it was executed in late Bauhaus style. Founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius in Weimar as an art school, the ideas articulated in this style were completely new at the time: testimony to the avantgarde of classic modernism in architecture, art and design. With their ornaments developed based on arts and crafts they form an alternative to the historism aesthetic, which was replaced by a new functionalism.

The history of the old Wisper school in Lorch

Many Lorch citizens still remember their schooldays in the old Wisper school. Even Franziska Breuer-Hadwiger, who bought the old schoolhouse and had it converted into the hotel, went to school here.

To make the history of the building understandable to our guests, here is a brief overview of individual milestones:

  • 1929: The Lorch municipality passes a resolution to purchase the property at Schwalbacher Straße. The purchase price is 27,000 Reichsmarks
  • October 1930: The municipal assembly agrees the purchase
  • 1931/32: The construction of the new school is delayed and is nearly scuppered because Lorch is unable to contribute the necessary resources. Cutbacks have to be made to reduce the originally estimated costs from 240,000 Reichsmarks to 140,000 Reichmark
  • 22nd June 1932: The town notables meet for the ground-breaking ceremony
  • 30th October 1933: The Wisper school is inaugurated with a big pageant
  • 2006/2007: This is the last school year for the Wisper school. Only during the conversion to the current, new Wisper school were primary school classes held in the old building for a few months
  • From 2008 to 2010 The old schoolhouse dreams of being used for a completely different purpose
  • 17th May 2011 Franziska Breuer-Hadwiger signs the deed and purchases the old Wisperschule
  • Januar 2012 The groundbreaking for the additional new building
  • 5th October 2012 Invitations are sent out for a public site visit to which around 400 interested visitors come
  • Opening of the Hotel Im Schulhaus in April 2013

Once upon a time

… Easter 1956, a „strong“ year started school. One of the new abecedarians was called Franziska Breuer. She had a lovely journey to school every day from the wine estate Altenkirch in the Binger Weg to Schwalbacher Straße. Naturally she paused from time to time to chat with her school friends and sometimes lost track of time. There were also encounters with people she still remembers: the nice stationer Hubert Holz in the Rheinstraße, or Mrs Ketty Schwarz, who sold pastries from her big plaited basket at break: Amerikaner (fine pastry of honey, sugar, eggs, fat and milk or water ), Hartekuchen (cookies of honey, butter, sugar, milk and cocoa powder), Mohn or Salzstangen (small baguettes with salt or poppy finish). She still has the smell of the fresh pastries in her nostrils.

  • Hannelore Schwab spent a lot of time at the school. As a pupil in the old Wisper school - and later as a school secretary in the new Wisper school.
  • There was a heaving, chattering mass of people and time could hardly pass quickly enough when the pupils swarmed to the Schwarz bakery to buy lunch. Many bought sweet little morsels every day (which they were forbidden by their parents to do) but the baker's wife never told on them. Today schoolchildren buy their lunch in the Backhaus Laquai or the Backhaus Dries, which both supply the hotel with fresh pastries.
  • Ah ... the schoolyard … how many small feet loved to jump around here, play football and casters, jump rope, dodge ball or furtively practise wild dances as was common at the time. Some marbles, or Klicker as they are called in the Rheingau, were found when laying out the new outside space. The builders must have kept them.
  • But the big schoolyard wasn't just used for school purposes. In 1961 it was used to swear-in soldiers. Some townspeople have a very clear memory of this.
  • Cowboys, Indians, princesses and even Snow White were seen in the old school house. At carnival you could do whatever you liked in the Rheingau - yesterday, today and who knows, perhaps also tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. One likes to look back on the great days in the school house. Those were the days …

„The new life that has now infused the old Wisper school will bring back many memories. Everything should be noted down so as not to be forgotten.“

Jürgen Helbing, Mayor, Lorch

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