season start 2014


Season 2014 has started!

The season 2014 started! Wright in time with the beginning of spring you can enjoy a spectacular cable car ride.

Since March 22nd the cable car in Rüdesheim starts to ride up to the Germania monument. A highlight of any stay in the rhine region: a smooth glide over the vineyards. Enjoy the very special experience!
From April the day tour “Ringticket” is also bookable. It offers an attractive programme of activities: a cable car ride from Rüdesheim up to the Germania monument, a walk from the Germania monument to the Jagdschloss Niederwald hotel, a chair lift ride down to Assmannshausen and a riverboat tour taking you back to Rüdesheim.

Tickets are available in our Hotel.
We also recommend to book our package inclusive overnight, information you find here

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