Great holidays - great plans

In the Hotel Im Schulhaus small differences are the order of the day

Hotel Im Schulhaus has to be more than a beautiful building, where you can stay overnight in comfort. As in real life people also make distinctions with us. Our opportunity lies in communication! Talk to us. And just let us know what your dreams are. We charge good prices!

A house with heart and soul

We put our heart and soul in each detail because we have selected everything for you with love and care. This enlivens the soul because there is an excellent quality of life here. Soulmates immediately notice the difference - the heart of everybody else just throbs when they see how beautiful everthing has become.

A building designed for people

It should be lively, no refuge for respectful silence. It should be cheerful with the corridors filled with laughter, because what could be better than happy guests? If people get to know each other and make enthusiastic plans, when the whole building buzzes with an enterprising spirit, that's where we want to go. A building that lives, a piece of living history - just what we always wished for.

Elevated but not pretentious

Our aim was not pomp and circumstance. From the beginning we clung to the desire to offer our guests all the comforts required for all-round wellbeing. Beautiful and simple, the best quality, selected with style-conscious hands, without tat and gimcrack - that was our goal in all areas. Elevated but not pretentious. This vision has become reality. That was and is our philosophy.

„I am a person here. I am free to be one here.“

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (Faust I),

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