Go Green Rate

Lived sustainability

For the sake of the environment: Book the GO GREEN! - Rate and save.

Save resources with our GO GREEN rate.

Save resources with our GO GREEN rate.

If you stay three nights and more, you can book our discounted "GO GREEN!" Rate.
You consciously do without housekeeping. Your room will not be cleaned during your stay and you will be using your towels several times. They help us to save resources and we thank you with a corresponding discount 3,50 €/ night.

To make your stay truly sustainable, this rate includes a climate-neutral overnight stay. In other words, € 0,40 per night / person will be invested in a certified afforestation and rewetting project. Here you can read more about it.

And that is how it works:
Contact us by phone +49 (0) 6726 80716 0 or by e-mail or via our contact form. Please enter the keyword "Go Green!"

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