Hotel Im Schulhaus temporarily closes
due to the corona pandemic

30.10.2020 – When school was out, it was always a great party. Everything is different now.

Once again it hits us, the travel industry!
Unfortunately,  we are actually only allowed to welcome. But we still look hopefully into the future and look forward to being able to open the school house doors again.

My special thanks go to my excellent team for their unbroken commitment and daily optimism. Each and every one of them makes it possible not only to keep the company running within the framework of the implemented hygiene regulations, but also to pamper our guests all around. We give each other courage and strength ... and the joy of the time when we can start again together is still huge despite all the current adversities.

And of course you, dear guests, should know that our thoughts are with you. We wish you that you stay healthy and that you do not lose your courage, because from hiking we know: Life is an up and down. And even when things get really tough, one thing is certain: nothing stays as it is.
Only our beautiful Rheingau - it remains a ray of hope for all of us. In days like these, longing is our companion. We would be happy to fulfill your dreams at a later date. And don't forget: every new day brings new opportunities. We will use it!

Please contact us for any rebooking of your holiday by mail You can reach us personally Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. by phone on 06726 80 7160. Or send us an email at any time. 

Taking into account hygiene regulations and legal requirements, our hotel is still open for business travelers. We look forward to your booking request by email.

Your Susanne Röntgen-Müsel
Hotel in the school building