Pioneer hiking around Lorch

22.03.2018 – As a pioneer around Lorch: Robert Carrera, whom many already know as a hiking guide in the WisperValley, invites you to pioneer hiking on the new Wisper trails.

Now everyone can experience it: "Premium hiking in Wispertaunus" will open in summer 2018.
14 round routes, including 2 in Lorch, complement the “Wispertauns-Trail”, which leads around 43 kilometers from the source to the mouth, to form a concept. All round trips as well as the long-distance hiking path are combined to a holistic concept. The routes are not signed yet, some details are still planned. But one thing is already clear: The "Premium Hiking trail Wispertaunus" is the beginning of a new era and will shape the new hiking destination around Lorch in the future.

Pioneer hikes of Wisper Trails
Who wants to be the first to explore the new trails? Even before the trails are officially opened, you will have the opportunity to get to know these paths in the framework of the pioneer hikes offered by project coordinator Robert Carrera. All pioneer hikes are without registration and take place in all weather conditions.

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