St. Hildegard day 2018

05.09.2018 – The church dignitary is celebrated every year in Rüdesheim on 17th September with the Hildegard festival.

Their places of activity around Rüdesheim am Rhein and Bingen are not only driven by pilgrims from all over the world but also by many day tourists who visit the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. Never was the interest in the mystic as great as it is today.

Annually on 17 September, the day of the saint Hildegard of Bingen, the Hildegardisfest takes place at the pilgrimage church in Eibingen. The festival begins with a solemn Pontifical Mass at 10 o'clock in front of the church. In the afternoon, the reliquary and procession takes place through the streets of the community. During the procession, the shrine carries the relics of the saints. Many German as well as international pilgrims meet for this event.

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