A historical curiosity

.... and Lorch lies in the heart of it all - well, at least in the past. Gone are the times, when the slogan "There’s no nicer place than the freestate bottleneck!” applied. But the good old times aren't gone yet. We love to tell those stories, especially since this year, 2019 - we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of this state!

This passport makes you a citizen of the free state bottleneck

Visit the "free state bottleneck"

The "free state bottleneck" is not an advertising joke, in fact, it's based on an historical incident, which is responsible for, Lorch and its' surrounding area, becoming an independent free state from 1919-1923. It arose after World War I due to carelessness of the occupation forces, drawing - not touching - circles with a compass on a map and claiming the particular content for themselves. But what about the small piece between the circles around Lorch and Kaub including the back country? This - very similar to a bottleneck shaped area - was outside of the occupied territories. The citizens named it "free state bottleneck".

Good to know:
Nowadays it is possible to get a "free state bottleneck"-passport and get discounted products at the "free state bottleneck initiative"- belonging wineries

Guided tour by Edwin Schneider, a genuine citizen of Lorch, who knows the interesting story about the "free state bottleneck" and every unique detail.

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My special tip for our guests: Get to know the zest for live of the people living in the romantic Rhine valley. Since, "There’s no nicer place than the freestate bottleneck!” - what was written on a banknote of the former "free state bottleneck".

Edwin Schneider, Rheingau' tour guide as well as in the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley Lorch am Rhein
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