Land of St. Hildegard

Follow the foodsteps of a great woman

This great holy woman holds a special fascination. She lived & worked in the area Rheingau. Here, you can follow her foodsteps, her bones are buried here, the abbey St. Hildegard is located here. The Benedictines worship Hildegard, who even astonished emperor Barbossa, and keep her memory alive. St. Hildegard was a fan of the region Rheingau. Visit her domains!

We recommend to visit the monasteries' shop: They sell products of the abbey St. Hildegard

We recommend to visit the monasteries' shop: They sell products of the abbey St. Hildegard

The Rheingau is the land auf St. Hildegard

No, holy Hildegard never saw the big abbey St. Hildegard, founded in her honour. But below, in the Rüdesheim' district Eibingen, she founded a monastery. A small monastery church invites you to reflect this great holy woman. The shrine holds her bones. Right in the middle of the vineyars she found her second home. The monasteries' shop sells books and nice souvenirs, including a lot of spelt products - St. Hildegard was convinced of their beneficent effects. On the 17th of September each year, the religious teacher is celebrated in Rüdesheim, this event is called "Hildegardisfest".


In October 2012, holy Hildegard was designated as a religious teacher. A good reason for us to acknowledge her work with a Hildegard-package-offer. Here's a little preview and ideas for your stay: You should visit the monastery church in Eibingen as well as the abbey St. Hildegard and the shop. The 6,7 km long Hildegard Path leads through the vinyards of Rüdesheim to the pilgrimage church Eibingen to the abbey St. Hildegard. These sites and great views will give you an insight to the live and work of Hildegard and the landscape of her time. On-site you'll get to talk to Benedictines & taste their wines. A small Hildegard-surprise is waiting in your room upon arrival - it includes culinary delicacies im memory of St. Hildegard.

Pilgrim path: "Klostersteig"

Since 2016, there's a new pilgrim path, leading 30 km from Eberbach to Aulhausen, marked with more than 100 pillars and information boards - serving as important impulses. This path also passes by abbey St. Hildegard, see Klostersteig.

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