Rüdesheim on the river Rhine

Rüdesheim: A small town with a big name

Rüdesheim on the Rhine river and the "Drosselgasse" are world-famous. It has to be on your bucket list! RÜD on your car / license plate - and everyone knows immediately: They live at the beautiful Rhine river, they're from Rüdesheim! Besides the "Drosselgasse", the "Niederwald monument" as well as Rüdesheim' wines are also world-famous. Never heard of "Brömserburg", "Mouse tower", "Ehrenfels"? Well, let's get there! Just 10 km by car from Lorch to Rüdesheim. There's also a train connection every hour. An "Rheinsteig"-hiking tour will take approx. 5 hours.

"Glide over the vineyards" - by a cablecar ride to the Niederwald monument above Rüdesheim

Event mile Rüdesheim on the river Rhein

The famous "Drosselgasse" is just 144 meters long. The taverns stand closely side by side- live music and wine-blessedness as far as the eye can see. It takes some time to get through it. But there's also live outside of the famous Drosselgasse. In Siegfrieds' mechanical music cabinet the music plays automatically. This collection is worth seeing & listening. 

Track history in the Brömserburg or the new "RhineWineWorld". Make a boat trip and listen to the creepy story about the "Mouse Tower", standing right in the middle of the river Rhine. The "Winzer Express" takes its' guests on a commented city tour and at "Käthe Wohlfahrts" it's Christmas every day.

The different Rüdesheim - an excursion into silence

Starting point is the vibrant "Drosselgasse" and it goes up in the air - by cablecar! It's worth it. As soon as you're sitting in one of the gondolas, the adventure begins: Glide over the vineyards -  plunge into silence. Below, the valley is bustling with life. Take a break at the "Niederwald monument" and plunge into the silence of the forest. The "Niederwald" was once an huge landscape park and you can take walkes for hours and listening to the birds. You'll also find silent happiness & quiet places with great views in the vineyards.

And that's something really special: On selected summer evenings a very special experience is waiting for you. Welcome to "Glide by night". The cable car is running till 11 pm. on those specific days. In September, fell free to glide over the vineyards till 10 pm. Take a romantic walk starting at the upper station to the "Germania" with a stunning view over the Rhine in moonlight. The surrounding towns and villages provide an ocean of lights. Who doesn't wanna stay here? Back to Rüdesheim by cable car & to the land of dreams or visit one of the wine taverns in town. Read more about the cable car in Rüdesheim.

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