My friend - The tree

03.06.2018 – Even as a child, trees were my friends. We played in the forest under their leaves, tried to embrace their trunks and collected acorns and chestnuts when it was autumn. The forest was a paradise for us. And for me he is still that. But only a few forests today look as I know from my childhood: wild and mysterious - almost like a fairy tale.

On a discovery tour in the Wispertaunus

In search of the lost paradise, I came across the Wispertaunus. The magic of the forest, here you live. I wandered in the realm of peaceful giant trees, sat on mossbanks and marveled at the view, which almost made me reverent. Around me, rare flowers and the humming of the flying forest dwellers. Beautiful and impressive lichens cover the rocky road and streams rush in deep valleys.

You surely will soon learn more about this mystical landscape, for soon wonderful happens in Wispertaunus. The region should be premium hiking area. All this happens with the necessary sensitivity needed to turn a rough diamond into a multi-faceted diamond. I'm looking forward to it, because that's a real ray of hope for those who like to go hiking away from the busy hiking trails.

Also for the guests in the hotel in the school house, because they are very close. The best thing to ask right now and get infected by Susanne and her team. Do not forget: lunch package!
Because in the Wispertaununs there is above all a lot of nature and only a few restaurants for hungry and thirsty hikers.

Your Lydia


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