Traveling sustainably on vacation is both fun and meaningful.

11.07.2024 – Now the best days are coming, as the vacation is approaching and with it the most wonderful time of the year. Making this time active and sustainable is both fun and meaningful. Have you ever thought about how this can work? Just start! We are happy to help you. You will see that even your small steps can make a big difference ... and nature will thank you! Join in! Here’s how:

  • Avoid requesting brochure materials!
    This way, you can already achieve a lot before your trip. On our website, you will find plenty of travel offers, information about outdoor activities, and interesting facts about Lorch and its surroundings to help you prepare for your journey.
  • Leave your car at home!
    Travel by train! We will gladly pick you up from the station. Or take a vacation by bike! We offer secure storage for your bike and fantastic cycling routes. The wonderful Rhine Cycle Route passes right by Lorch. You can also rent a bike from us. For electric cars, we have three charging stations available.
  • Save resources!
    Start at our hotel!
    For example, turn off the air conditioning and lights when you’re not in the room.
    Consciously remove the keycard from the power slot if it suits you.
    Use your towels multiple times and reduce the laundry pile. Also, consider if you really need daily room cleaning. Probably not, right?
  • Avoid buying disposable products and single-use packaging!
    We do the same. You can prepare your daily provisions for your hikes fresh from the breakfast buffet. We are happy to refill your water bottles – it’s our pleasure!
  • Get moving and be active!
    Take advantage of our endless hiking opportunities! Many trails start right at the hotel door, in the beautiful RheinTaunus Nature Park. No transfer is needed. If you do need a transfer, the call bus will take you to the starting points of the popular Wisper Trails. You can also hike one way and sail back to Lorch with the white fleet of the Cologne-Düsseldorf Shipping Company. The Rheinsteig Trail, with a visit to the legendary Loreley, is very popular.
  • Eat local at the local restaurants!
    Just like us, the restaurants in Lorch emphasize regional products. This starts with the wine and includes the Wisper trout (a must-try!).
    You are always up to date with us: On our guest service page and on-site in our daily Hotel-News, you will find a list of dining establishments and their opening hours.
  • Book climate-neutral!
    It only costs EUR 0.45 per person per night, but in total, it makes a big difference.
    You can find all the information on our Climate-Neutral Stay page.
    You can book your climate-neutral stay directly online and receive a digital confirmation immediately.
    This saves both you and us paper!
  • Buy souvenirs from our local producers!
    Browse the small shops in the Rheingau, such as Made im Rheingau or RheinWeinWelt. Many local products are offered here.
    At our hotel, you can take home Lorch wine and Rheingau honey.
    This way, you support the people in our community.
  • Be a sustainability ambassador!
    Feel free to report on your sustainable experiences on your social media accounts and tell your friends and family.
    Maybe there will be a few imitators!
    Our environment and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

We hope you enjoy planning your trip!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!
We have been certified as a sustainable hotel by VIABONO, the association for the promotion of sustainable tourism in Germany, since 2016.  For us, climate protection is not an obligation, but a matter of the heart!

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