Rheingau: Celebrate the festival - Enjoy the wine

Autumn is peak season but most wine festivals are celebrated in summer. And if you have ever been at one of these festivals you know why. What could be better than strolling from wine stand to wine stand in a mild summer night enjoying life and the wine to the full?

Always a good atmosphere at the Rheingau wine festivals! Photo: Volker Oehl

Tasting wine and strolling around

In the Rheingau they love having a good time - with friends and with strangers, with whom you become good friends after a few glasses of wine together. Pretzels, Spundekäs’ (cream cheese, quark and sour cream), Winzerweck (bun with cheese and bacon) and winemaker's steaks go well with this. But culinary hits like the ubiquitous tarte flambee have also become popular. The price level for wines and food is moderate so nothing stands in the way of copious sampling.

The wine festival season officially starts with the Rheingau gourmet weeks at the end of April. However, many wineries and wine bars open their gates and cellars for special events all year round. An overview of the Rheingau wine festivals and wine events can be found in the Rheingau events calendar.

An overview of the Rheingau wine festivals and wine events 

This relates to the Rheingau calender of events

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